Wednesday, July 14, 2010

130. Working couple, 1 puppy, condo - grate toilet training

Miniature Pinscher, Female, 3 months. Came for 3rd vaccination.
Confined to balcony when owner is working. Grate + Pee Pan.
Two weeks with expatriate couple, both working.
Feeding: 10 minutes. Recently eating 50%.
Pooping: Around 20 minutes after eating. How many times does a puppy poop? "2-4 x per day," I said.
Peeing: Many times. Using the n-1 formula as a guideline where n=age in months, the 3-month-old puppy is expected to pee 2 hourly.

Problem: "She pees on the grate and pee pan mostly but sometimes outside it," the gentleman wanted the dog to pee inside the bathroom next to the balcony (utility area).

Solution: Confine to bathroom with baby gates at the door for 2-4 weeks. Put grate + pee pan inside the bathroom. Observe where the puppy eliminate. Keep grate cover clean from urine and poo. As the couple works, it will be difficult to use positive reinforcement consistently.

The puppy may be trained to eliminate on the bathroom floor if that is what the owner wants.

Best time to Spaying
I advise 3 months after the first heat so that the female private parts are fully developed. If the owner does not want blood staining the condo floor, spay at 6 months of age.

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