Wednesday, May 8, 2024

5865. VET CASE STUDY. A 25-month-old dwarf hamster cannot walk normally.

WhatsApp to Toa Payoh Vets.

Hi, is this TPY vet? My hamster is not walking stably, but still eating, drinking, alert and doesn’t seem to be in pain. Is there anything that can be done for him if I bring him down? He’s 2Y1M old.
Thank you ?￰゚マᄐ

Hamster needs to be examined by the vet. Please phone 6254 3326 for appointment.



5864. VET CASE STUDY. A Pomeranian cannot stand up or walk normally. Why?

1.  From "inco-ordination"  complaint from VET 1, it sounded serious, like internal injuries and fractures. 

2. VET 2.
Physical examination

3.  Need to use additional testings
Lab tests

4. Days passed by. Not eating. X-rays showed gas, empty stomach and intestines.
X-rays poor quality.

5. Maid said no fall or traumatic injuries. But not possible to take her word for it.  Serious pain.

6. Do another physical examination after pain-killer given for past 2 days. Videoed. Left hip area very painful.

7. Take proper X-rays.  Problem seen at left pelvic bone (arrows).

8. This was the cause of "incoordination" and inability to walk normally.




5863. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Shoot traffic light trails.

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS:  Shoot traffic light trails.


1. Use long exposure.
2. Safe location e.g. sanding next to a busy junction conrolled by traffic lights, a slip road or roundabout.
3. Slow shutter speed, tripod, cable release.

4. Shoot in Manual, can adjust shutter speed and aperture, check histogram for each exposure.
Try 10 seconds as starting point.
Narrow aperture to get starburst effects on street lights and increase the depth of field for sharpness.

5. Use MANUAL FOCUS because autofocus will struggle in low light and get distracted. Focus on something significant in the background: zoom in with Live View to check sharpness.  

6. SET YOUR ISO.  Keep ISO LOW to reduce noise. turn on LONG EXPOSURE NOISE REDUCTION in menu.

ONE PHOTO in Digital Camera Feb 2024.
10 secs, f/11, ISO 100.  Big Ben at night.

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

5862. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Bike-sharing in Xi'An, China. Use TV Mode in bright sunshine.

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Bike-sharing in Xi'An, China. Use TV Mode in bright sunshine.

Bicycle-sharing in Xi’An. 2 Mar 2024. 10.30am. 

Canon R5, 39mm, 1/1000 sec, f/4, ISO 100










5861. PHOTOGRAPHY TIP: Single point AF on the red-whiskered bulbul's eye. Use AV Mode

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS:  Single point AF on the red-whiskered bulbul's eye. Use AV Mode.
Take more than 3 shots. TV Mode will be better as you will get more sharp images.

Red-whiskered bulbul. Hong Kong. 28 May 2023. 9am. Canon R5, 100mm, 1/50sec, f/11, ISO 200. 





Monday, May 6, 2024

5860. VET CASE. A hamster has urine scalding. What to do?

 VET CASE. A hamster has urine scalding. What to do?


 [11:22, 02/05/2024] +65 8770 0922: Hi, do you treat hamsters?
[11:23, 02/05/2024] David Sing: Yes.
[11:23, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: Great! My hamster is weak, decreased appetite, and has a wet rear end.
[11:23, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: hunched over as well. I thought it was the hot weather but it seems to be getting worse..
[11:24, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: read online, might be bacteria infection
[11:24, 02/05/2024] David Sing: Please phone 62543326 for appointment
[11:24, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: it has been a few weeks and he is quite skinny now...
[11:24, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: ok thanks


 [14:19, 02/05/2024] +65 XXX: tried feeding some carrots and broccoli, he used to eat them but now he won't even touch.

[14:55, 02/05/2024] David Sing: Appointment at Toa Payoh Vets - Hamster. Back area scalded - said to start with wet tail one month ago.  May have UTI. To hospitalise.


5859. PHOTOGRAPHY TULIPS: Tulipmania. Dutch tulips. Use AV mainly. Manual with tripod.

PHOTOGRAPHY TULIPS:  Use AV mainly. Manual with tripod is better.

Focus at 1/3 from bottom of screen and use f/16 if you want overall image sharpness, so that you can see the tulips sharp in the background.

Gardens By The Bay. 5 May 2024. Canon R5, AV, 105mm, 1/160 sec, f/16, ISO 1000





Sunday, May 5, 2024

5858. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: smartphone photos of wildlife - Take at least 3 photos, not one.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The Purple Heron at Potong Pasir. Image not as sharp. Advised photographer to take at least 3 photos.



A sharp image refers to the eye being focused and sharp.

For the smartphone:
Focus on the head,
Not just point and shoot fast.
Steady your hands.
 Take at least 3 shots if not more.
Same principles apply to pets.








5857. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Enforcement Camera in Pick-Up and Drop-Off Hall, Terminal 1. Use TV Mode.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Enforcement Camera in Pick-Up and Drop-Off Hall, Terminal 1.
Use TV Mode.

Changi Airport, Pick-Up and Drop-Off Hall, Terminal 1, 30 Apr 2024, 8.40am

 Canon R5, 24mm, TV, 1/1250sec, f/4.0, ISO 12,8000. 




Saturday, May 4, 2024

5856. PHOTOGRAPHY tips: Butterfly fluttering here and there. Use TV

 As we age, we get "wear and tear", like this butterfly.  Take care of your health