Wednesday, May 8, 2024

5863. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS: Shoot traffic light trails.

 PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS:  Shoot traffic light trails.


1. Use long exposure.
2. Safe location e.g. sanding next to a busy junction conrolled by traffic lights, a slip road or roundabout.
3. Slow shutter speed, tripod, cable release.

4. Shoot in Manual, can adjust shutter speed and aperture, check histogram for each exposure.
Try 10 seconds as starting point.
Narrow aperture to get starburst effects on street lights and increase the depth of field for sharpness.

5. Use MANUAL FOCUS because autofocus will struggle in low light and get distracted. Focus on something significant in the background: zoom in with Live View to check sharpness.  

6. SET YOUR ISO.  Keep ISO LOW to reduce noise. turn on LONG EXPOSURE NOISE REDUCTION in menu.

ONE PHOTO in Digital Camera Feb 2024.
10 secs, f/11, ISO 100.  Big Ben at night.

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