Wednesday, May 8, 2024

5864. VET CASE STUDY. A Pomeranian cannot stand up or walk normally. Why?

1.  From "inco-ordination"  complaint from VET 1, it sounded serious, like internal injuries and fractures. 

2. VET 2.
Physical examination

3.  Need to use additional testings
Lab tests

4. Days passed by. Not eating. X-rays showed gas, empty stomach and intestines.
X-rays poor quality.

5. Maid said no fall or traumatic injuries. But not possible to take her word for it.  Serious pain.

6. Do another physical examination after pain-killer given for past 2 days. Videoed. Left hip area very painful.

7. Take proper X-rays.  Problem seen at left pelvic bone (arrows).

8. This was the cause of "incoordination" and inability to walk normally.




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