Wednesday, April 3, 2024

5801. ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE. Is the Chinese husband a male chauvinist pig?



The wife often offers her husband certain dishes during dining when she notices that he has ignored some dishes. Julie is a retiree Chinese lady in her early 70s. She has been doing this over her decades of marriage.

Catherina opened her eyes wide and said: "Why do you serve him (by placing the fish on his plate)? He can do it by himself!". Catherina is a single career lady in her 50s. She had lunch with an Indian friend and my wife including me in NEX mall on 2 April 2024 at The Sushi Tei restaurant. 

"I do not ask my wife to serve me food from the dining table," the husband had explained to her many times. The Indian friend who is married with two adult kids, was surprised at her outburst. 

The wife repeated this act "of love" automatically, despite the husband telling her not to do so especially when we dine with Catherina. Her act is Catherina's hot button issue.

"All Chinese men are MCPs (male chauvinistic pigs)." the husband had joked with Catherina. "To you, wives should not serve food to husbands at any time. But my wife is not forced to do it! She does it if I don't eat certain dishes."

Chauvinism is  "an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex." Catherina just could not help herself. Nor could she change my wife's behaviour or not invite the husband for dining. She just alienate her friend's husband by repeating her behaviour when she sees this "chauvinistic act". 

Why not just count her blessings? The wife cares very much for her to have lunch together, sometimes with her retiree husband who drives her to the dining place. 

Why repeat her objection to this act when she can't change her friend's act of love for her husband?  Just overlook this act and not comment on it. Enjoy the company. Life is short. Create pleasant dining friendship memories. 


Chinese men are male chauvinist pigs.

 chauvinism with "an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex"

 exhibit chauvinistic attitudes and behaviors

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