Wednesday, November 22, 2023

4962. Smartphone image of Cycas Revoluta in Sydney 17 Nov 2023. Xiaomi Poco x3Pro

Smartphone image of Cycas Revoluta in Sydney 17 Nov 2023

PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS. Take bigger area of plant which allows me to crop as shown in this image. 

This beautiful image is taken using Smartphone Xiaomi Poco x 3 Pro.
ISO 50, 4.7mm, f/1.8, 1/270 sec

A well cared for blossoming Japanese Fern Palm (Cycas revoluta) in a Sydney house garden in 17 Nov 2023, late Spring. Compare to a similar but very poor quality image in NParks website. Old model of Xiaomi Poco x3 Pro. I went to NParks website. Their similar image is very poor in quality.

Cycas revoluta from Colebee, NSW, Australia on 17 Nov 2023

 Japanese Cycad, Sago Cycad, Japanses Sago Palm, Cycad, Sago Palm, Japanese Fern Palm

Start of Summer in Australia is in 1 December in Australia.

Smartphone Xiaomi Poco x3 Pro







4 Dec 2022. Summer. Time in Australia is 11.30 am when this photo was taken in Sydney, NSW today, 3 hours ahead of Singapore



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