Tuesday, November 21, 2023

4961. PHOTOGRAPHY SMALL FLOWERS HIGH UP TREE. Use TV. Bright sunlight 9 am

PHOTOGRAPH OF Lagerstroemia floribunda. Flowers are 3 cm across and one-storey high up the tree. I used f/5.0 and TV as there was a breeze. Also, I got the flowers in some 9 am sunlight. Hence the image is bright and clear.

 The tree blooms a few times per year, producing erect terminal panicle-inflorescences up to 50cm in height. Individual flowers (3 cm across) have ribbed scruffy-brown calyxes (fused sepals) and flower buds. Velvety crinkled petals fade from rich mauve to pale pink to creamy-white with age, making tree appear to produce flowers of different colours all over the crown.


 Lagerstroemia floribunda is grown as a roadside tree in Singapore as its terminal ornamental flowers change colour from  rich mauve to pale pink to creamy-white with age.


Canon R5, TV, handheld, ISO 100, F/5.0, 1/500sec, bright 9 am sunlight.

Malayan Crape Myrtle, Thai Crape Myrtle, Tropical Crape Myrtle, Late Crepe-Myrtle, Queen's Flower, Kedah Bungor, Bungur, Antri Gajah


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