Wednesday, August 26, 2020

3403. A 68-year-old realtor has to be flexible.

Thur 28 Aug 2020
Spoke to a realtor today. For Covid-19 pandemic this August, he closed 15 rental cases. Very good.

1. Why not do new condo sales?
     Not so easy to close cases. Many agents with no closings. Agency wanted duty roster, go door-to-door knocking and other gatherings. During seminars, he will be called out as his hairs are all white and asked how he was doing! 68 years old. Spot-light. The others are younger. 

2. House rentals. Woodlands. A small bungalow with 7 bedrooms rent for $9,000 if there are prospects. Covid-19 pandemic. Few expatriates.
The property landlord offers 1 month's deposit for a 3-year-lease. How can the small owners compete? Free aircond servicing 

3. Tenant to pay agent if rental is less than $3,000.

4. Car rental cheaper than owning a car.
    CAR CLUB near MRT Yishun.  Hourly rental of $10/hr + mileage charges. $75 for 4 hours. Toyoto Vios. Squeezed 2 Caucasian teenagers and mum in back seat for viewing 5 properties.

 or daily rental $60/day, but for Sunday viewing, the rental must be from Friday to Sunday (3 days).

5. Health screening. Healthy. At one screening---doctor said he was pre-diabetic (reading 6.3). He disagreed. So 3 readings for 3 months (reading 4.7). Why? At that time, he ate ice cream daily for one month on the way home. So reading higher. BP 125/70, Pulse rate 65

Excercise walking Northpoint mall from basement 1 to top floor after 9.30 pm. No crowds and Covid-19 risk. Air-cond. Go to NTUC to shop. Around 4,000 steps. IPhone "Health" App pedometer.
Now very fit. No panting when walk longer distance. If walk outside---dengue hot spot---risky and hot.

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