Wednesday, August 26, 2020

3402. The easily stressed adult female dwarf hamster - urine scalding and ventral dermatitis

Thursday case
27 Aug 2020

Dwarf hamster, white, F, 16 months. 44g
"Wet tail" no loose stools. Diagnosis: Ventral dermatitis and UTI.

Ventral dermatitis. The lower skin is inflamed, but the red itchy area comes and go for past 3-4 occasions. The hairs will grow back but the condition recurs. Why?

The hamster was held upside down for examination. I noted urine just leaked out easily. So this hamster has urinary incontinence. Could it be due to her being a timid easily stressed dwarf hamster or she be having a urinary tract infection?

The urine scalded the area around the private parts and anal area. The area is so itchy.The hamster keeps licking it to relieve the itch, but more urine leaked out. More scalding. Soon, most parts of the lower body is inflamed reddish brown from urine scalding (see images).

Day 1. Urine scalding

1. Likes to chew railings for past months till last week when railings were removed. Rusty railings. Rust on floor --irritation skin---ventral dermatitis irritation. Rust---bladder---irritation--- UTI (leaked urine when held) ---urinary incontinent.
2. Hoarding food in cheek pouches
3. Oxbow paper litter changed once a week. Possible irritation---ventral dermatitis. Peed at corner.
4. Exercise wheel - soap residue?---irritation.


Treatment as an inpatient for at least 7 days.  The owner is unable to clean the hamster as she is easily stressed when handled. You can see it in the video.

Clipped all hairs away from the lower body. Easier to wash with disinfectant and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial washes. Antibiotic orally. Multivit.

1. Housing now one level. No rusty railings to climb.
2. Diet - Seeds only. No pellets, pumpkin, unsalted cashew nuts. Different brand of food.
3. Antibiotics 3 days. inpatient. Easily stressed. Short handling.
4. No Oxbow paper litter.
5. Hot water clean cage and wheel.



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