Friday, August 7, 2020

3387. Advices For Young Peopole. Be a Proactive, Value_Adding Employee

ADVICES FOR YOUNG PEOPLE.  Be A Proactive, Value-Adding Employee
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow)   6 Aug 2020 chat with Stephanie

Dear Stefanie,

42 years ago, the founder of Chew’s Agriculture, now producing 500,000 eggs daily, consulted me as his hens were laying fewer eggs. The eggs were misshapen, soft-shelled and had watery yolk. I was his extension vet from the AVS (ex-AVA, ex-PPD).

His layers suffered from a viral outbreak called Egg Drop Syndrome 76 (EDS 76). “A commercial vaccine has been available for 2 years and used in Europe,” I spoke to the Vaccine Lab vet. “Why do you not approve its importation?”

“It needs to be proven to be efficacious in Singapore,” he replied. His colleague had confirmed the presence of the EDS 76 virus from blood tests. How could I help the farmer and the hens?

“Should I use the vaccine illegally?” the sun burnt congenial farmer consulted me. He was losing his pants. “Mr Chew,” I said. “Would you mind doing a vaccine trial?” 50% of the vaccinated layers in one house laid normal eggs but not the other half. Mr Chew was joyful and so was I.

I hope this story and our various chats on office relationships would motivate you, as an employee, to devote every minute of your short stay in Toa Payoh Vets to acquire in-depth veterinary knowledge. Not just assisting the vets and be an observer. Be a proactive, value-adding employee. Do research and record real-life cases for discussion.

In this way, your veterinary studies in Australia in 2021 will come “alive” to you and so will James Herriot’s novels about his clients and farmers.

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