Tuesday, August 4, 2020

3386. INTERN CHLOE?-- Final Video; A hamster has smelly rotting skin infections (necrotising fascitis)

The body odour was that of rotten eggs. A large chest infection with rotten egg smell. Vet 1 prescribed skin washes and cream for the owner to treat the wound herself. But the hamster bit the owner. The rotten egg body smell wafted in the air inside the apartment.

For such cases, I will ward the hamster as the owner will not be able to treat the wound without being bitten by the pet.

I used isoflurane gas anaesthesia to let the hamster sleep without feeling the pain of debridement and cleaning of the extensive ulcerated lower chest area. After 3 days of in-patient treatment, his foul body smell is gone. 



Final video


Necrotic fasciitis

Write a great story.

Unbearable stench wafting inside the apartment---unpleasant smell
rotten egg.

Vet 1 prescription---hamster bites in reaction to painful application

See Toa Payoh Vets---inpatient service

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