Wednesday, January 30, 2019

3413. INTERN*****A 4-year-old guinea pig loses weight and has watery eyes

Recent corneal injury -greener ulcers
Superficial central keratitis

As injury was many days ago, the cornea ulcerations have scarred to become white.
A small patch of green indicated recent corneal ulceration


The cage housing 2 adult guinea pigs was small. The owner now houses the injured guinea pig in a separate cage for around 1 month for him to recuperate.


Recent corneal ulceration stains bright green





GPs are social animals. Therefore, buy two. Live together.

Two male guinea pigs grow up together as friends. As they mature, one become domineering. Eats more, fatter. The other loses weight.  Possible mounting as they live in a confined small crate.
Traumatic injury to the right eye.  What is the evidence?

Fluorescein eye stain test.

What is the treatment?
Vet 1. Husband consulted.  Eye drops and come back if not OK or go to another vet.
Vet 2. Toa Payoh Vets. Wife consulted. Internet research. Tel me. Worried about loss of eye.

 Evidence of eye ulceration of cornea in right eye. Green if recent abrasions but white cloudy when healed over time.

The guinea pig's eyes are healing and the guinea pig is eating more in his new cage.

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