Wednesday, January 30, 2019

3412. More cases about red-eared sliders and turtles

Jan 30, 2019

List of cases and videos will be on this webpage.

Image of swollen eyes in a red-eared slider

3411. Temperature and ultraviolet light for red-eared sliders

Images of red-eared sliders and case photos

Copy of webpage in

6247. Final Video: A 5-year-old red-eared slider stopped eating and pooping - cloacal impaction with stones
6250. Blog: A terrapin stops eating
6251. Blog: Respiratory Infection in a yawning terrapin
1057A. Final Video: A Chinese soft-shelled turtle is said to have "rectal prolapse" but it is penile injury
1057. Blog: Rectal prolapse and penile injury in turtles
1056. Video: The male Chinese soft-shelled turtle recovers from anaesthesia
1055. Video: Purse-string suture done on turtle Pt 4
1054. Video: Turtle under anaesthesia Pt 3
1053. Video: Turtle ready for gas anaesthesia Pt 2
1052. Video: Chinese soft-shelled turtle's "rectal  prolapse" Pt 1
1051. Video; How to treat a terrapin's ear abscess - Pt 2
1050. Video: A terrapin has ear abscess Pt - 1
Jan 2016. Final Video: Surgical treatment of a terrapin's gigantic ear abscess
907. Blog: The pet fancy mouse and the Chinese soft-shelled turtle
906. Video: The Chinese Soft-Shelled Turtle is recovering from diarrhoea Pt 2
Final Video: A 33-year-lold terrapin is not eating
Video: 4 in-patients at Toa Payoh Vets. A guinea pig, a terrapin and 2 dwarf hamsters
Video: The 8-year-old terrapin is lethargic
Video: An 8-year-old terrapin is bitten by the other when the owner house them in a new bigger tank
Video: A 15-year-old terrapin has swollen eyelids
Video: An infected tail wound due to biting by the female terrapin while basking on a floating platform
Video: Aug 2015. A 5-year-old terrapin has a large flank lump - hernia or abscess?
Video: Breathing difficulties in terrapins
Video: Multiple white spots on a terrapin's shell
Video: Two 4-month-old terrapins from the same owner vary in size
Video: Two 4-month-old terrapins from different owners in Singapore
Video: Ear abscesses in 2 terrapins from different owners
poor hygiene and environment - eyes swollen and closed - red-eared slider, toapayohvets, singapore 8-inch long red-eared slider turtle with puffy and swollen eyes - singapore - toapayohvets
Puffy swollen eyes
of the red-eared slider
Swollen and puffy eye. My 3 Ninja Turtles  5623 - 5626. The red-eared slider moans
Terrapins -
swollen eyes & corneal abrasions
Webpage of British Chelonia Group Video: Caring for your terrapin
Swollen eyes are a common complaint
5939. Rectal prolapse in terrapins and people Video: Surgery - Ear abscess in a  terrapin Video: Diagnosis & treatment of swollen eyes in terrapins

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