Monday, September 3, 2018

3262. INTERN. An 18-year-old Pom X has back pain suddenly. Spondylosis deformans X rays in 2017

Many dogs live very long years as in this case. As in old people, they have difficulty getting up or walking. In this case, X-ray evidence shows spondylosis..


Dog is 18 years old

In 2017, after the X-rays showing spondylosis, the dog could stand up and walk. She walked a bit slow but had no pain symptoms.

However, in Sep 3, 2018, the dog screamed in pain after falling down and so consulted Dr Daniel Sing of Toa Payoh Vets. No X-ray was taken.

Blood test showed high blood urea of 25 mmol/L (4.2-6.3) and creatinine 204 umol/L (89-177).
ALT/SGPT 126 u/l (Haemogloblin 11.7 g/dL (12-18)
Red cell count 5 (.5.5 - 6.5). The dog is anaemic.


Most old dogs are given painkillers. They can live a normal life with medication.

This dog was prescribed painkillers. On follow up 7 days later, the owner said the dog was walking and was not in pain. 

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