Sunday, September 2, 2018

3261. How to stop new puppies from crying at night?

As there is no way to turn back the clock for Bobby, I write the following for those who adopt or buy puppies and face noisy ones for the first few nights. Apartment neighbours don't like noise disturbances.
The following bedtime tips may be useful:

1. Ignore the puppy is one way. But that has to be done by all family members. There should be nobody going to the puppy when it whines or barks. It knows that it is rewarded for attention and continues.

2. Crate the puppy and put the crate in your bedroom. Cover the crate with a blanket. Have chew toys inside the crate.

3. Switch on the radio or put a clock next to the puppy at night. Put in an old shirt of yours. Maybe a hot-water bottle in the crate.  

4. As for paragraph 4, but the old shirt is from the breeder's or kennels where you purchased the puppy.

5. Sleep beside the puppy at night for the first few nights.  Some puppies want to go to the toilet past midnight as they don't want to soil their crates. The whining happens after midnight. Pay your child to do this job for the first 3 nights. Buy the puppy over the weekend so that you have the free time to do the job. 

6. Cover up all sides of the crate so that the puppy feels safe. 

7. Continuous positive reinforcement training. Put food treats inside the crate. Say "Go crate". Food treats and praises. Do not expect results in less than 14 days of training.

8. Sleep in your bed as one option for small breeds. 

9. Exercise the puppy till it is tired and just wants to sleep. No afternoon nap. 

10. Put the puppy in a boarding kennel for 3 - 7 nights if the puppy is a noise nuisance and barks loudly in the middle of the night, upsetting neighbours.
In many cases, the puppy quietens on returning home.


Best time to train is when the puppy is young. But you must know why the puppy barks. Below are the common situations:

1. Bark to ask you to wake up past midnight to change the soiled newspapers inside the crate during the first week. If you can't get up, the puppy may continue barking.

Some first-time owners get up and gave the puppy a spanking or shouting. They don't know that they have to change the soiled papers, thinking that the neighbours will be upset at this noise nuisance. Some owners change the papers and the barking stops. Do not play with the puppy. Just change and go to sleep. The tone of bark sounds different.

2. Boredom. The more he barks, the more attention he gets. So he barks more.

3. To let you know that someone or something is unusual.

4. Greeting you.

Train him not to bark when you are at home:

1. Find a situation where your dog will always bark. For example, a person knocks on the door or rings a door bell. Somebody walking past the apartment.

2. When your rushes to the door and bark loudly, go to your dog, grab his collar and give him the command “quiet” in a firm voice.

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