Thursday, August 23, 2018

3245. INTERNS. An old Golden Retriever and an old Beagle has great difficulty getting up

This owner loves his old dogs like family members. He would bring them to consult me when they are unwell. Recently, the Golden Retriever and some weeks ago, his Beagle.

The procedures for lameness examination in the dog is the same as that for the horse. There is a systematic process -
1. Walk and trot
2. Joint manipulation - extend, flex, abduct and adduct

3. Palpation of spinal area

Singapore is a city. Most residents live in apartments. There are pockets of landed properties. These are mainly townhouses or terraced houses.

The dogs live in a 3-storey terraced house in Singapore. Old dogs love to climb up to 3rd storey to sleep. Over the years, the hip joints and spinal area get worn down.  Painful. Dogs suddenly cannot stand up on hind legs or on all legs due to intense pain.

Diagnosis based on above-mentioned 3 procedures.


Case 2 from same owner.
14-year-old beagle.
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1. Confine the dog to the first floor.
2. No more going upstairs on the 3rd floor to sleep or going downstairs.
3.  Not to gain more weight so as not to stress the hip or spinal joints

 OUTCOME. The owner is pleased with the dogs being able to walk normally.

A systematic process of examination of all joints for lameness is important.
For example, some vets may miss out on spinal joint examination if there is no set of procedures for lameness examination.  

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