Tuesday, August 21, 2018

3244. INTERN. An old Miniature Schnauzer vomits and has generalised body pain after grooming

13 years old Mini Schnauzer, MN. Went to the groomer 2 days sgo.
vomited 2 days, crying at night - pain, keeping the owner awake. So he consulted me.

Day 2. Still painful in body and abdomen (video). Pain in the right chest and abdomen on Day 2. Why?

1. Trauma at groomer e.g. a jump off the grooming table, leading to generalised chest and abdominal pain. .
2.  Infection. Physical examination and blood test.  Vomiting can be due to liver and kidney diseases. Blood test showed normal liver and kidneys. Cholesterol levels have reduced. Kidneys are normal.
3. X-rays show no bones or radio-dense foreign bodies inside the stomach or gut.

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