Saturday, February 24, 2018

3376. Chinese New Year 10th day, 8 am. Feb 25, 2018

Feb 25, 2018  10th day 8 am.

9th day was significant for Hokkien as it is lst day of CNY for Hokkiens.  Offerings with white rice cake and longevity buns would be presented by Hokkiens on Feb 24, 2018 (9th day, Jade Emperor's birthday)

Garden nearer to my house sliding doors, topped up with rabbit litter yesterday afternoon 3 pm and hosed with water.

Several i

Impressive new big brown flat topped mushrooms seen in garden.

1-day-old brown and white mushrooms start wilting as shown below

------ not processed images of mushrooms in the garden

A new species of 2 to 4 small mushroom with ragged edges appears in plantar box. These are shown in images below. The others are mainly usual grey ones in the box with occasional white of same family.

More new small mushrooms, grey mainly and white ones in the plantar box

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