Saturday, February 24, 2018

3375. A 16-year-old dog stops eating for past 2 days.

Feb 24, 2018

Have not seen this dog for past 4 years. Should have annual check up and get the rotten teeth extracted in 2014 but when owner heard of anaesthetic risk, did not do it.
Temp below normal in morning and afternoon to less than 37.5 C despite IV drip and medication. Suspect septicaemia from rotten teeth and gum disease. Blood test.

Blood test -  leucocytosis and neutrophilia. The dog needed IV drip, syringe feeding of AD and medication for 3 days before he could stand up and eat himself. Dental was done on Day 4.I used gas mask only, intubated and extracted the loose canines x 3 and the molars x 2 in 9 minutes. The dog survived and was sent home for the owner to feed by hand. Canned food only.

It was a great relief for me that he did not die under isoflurane gas anaesthesia. The owner in her late 30s, a private tuition tutor had not wanted any dental 2 years ago, fearing anaesthetic death, but now had no choice. A happy ending is not guaranteed when the dog can barely stand and had stopped eating for 2 days due to bacteraemia.

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