Friday, December 29, 2017

3228. An 18-month-old roborovski hamster has "lumps" on backside. Tumour or abscess?

Dec 29, 2017

"Is it lump or abscess," the lady who kept only roborovskis as pets showed me the bald backside with scabs lasting the past 2 months. She had not mentioned that this hamster was bitten by another during changing of the litter 2 months ago.

Under gas anaesthesia, this hamster cooled down and was clipped, washed and examined. The lumps were the normal testicles. The backside area was infected by bite wounds. No anal sacculitis.
So the owner was satisfied.

The owner had not sought treatment for the past 2 months of backside hair loss and saw the testicles which she diagnosed as tumours or abscesses. Nowadays, many young Singapore pet owners are well educated and do diagnose their pet's diseases.

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