Wednesday, December 27, 2017

3226. "No corneal ulcers!" my assistant saw no green cornea in the rabbit's eye

Dec 27, 2017

2 similar medical cases arrive around the same time. A rare occurrence.


On Dec 27, 2017, I did dental work for 2 dogs coming on the same day. The poodle was 7 years old and had one loose tooth extracted. The 15-year-old foul breath Jack Russell had 15 teeth extracted and took a high anaesthetic risk. He survived and should feel better and be able to eat. Never had a dental check up for 15 years despite bad breath stinking the room.


2 rabbit cases with eye problems within a short period of time is rare occurrence for me.
One came on Dec 24, 2017 from referral by a vet clinic
This one came on Dec 27, from an existing client not seen since 5 years ago.
Both had female owners needing to look after their baby and so did not come themselves at the initial consultation.


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