Monday, November 13, 2017

3189. A 16-year-old slider stopped eating for 7 days. Why?

Monday Nov 13, 2017

The woman in her late 40s love the two 16-year-old red-eared sliders. The bigger sized one eats and is still eating while the smaller one had stopped eating for the past 7 days.

"Both are females and are housed separately on the bathroom floor because they will fight," she told me.
"What do you feed them and how much?" I asked when she told me she fed pellets solely.

 She was happy to WhatsApp 3 images from her mobile phone. Lots of pictures of the sliders showing how much she loves them.

I got the slider X-rayed. No eggs inside. So no cloacal obstruction of eggs.

Video of X-ray at:

Obstruction of alimentary tract?

The slider is lethargic as I can see she is stationery most of the time. She did open her mouth to try to bite me when I pulled her forelimbs to check her paws. No shell rot. Will give antibiotics.


Compared to other sliders' X-rays




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