Saturday, November 11, 2017

3188. Oxytocin in reptiles

Egg binding in combination with calcium (calcium glubionae).

1) Calcium glubionate  10-50 mg/kg IM as needed until calcium levels back to normal or egg inding is resolved. Oxytocin 1-10 IU/kg IM. Not as effective in lizards as in other species. Use care when giving multiple injectons.

2) To induce oviposition:
1-30 IU/kg. 10 IU/kg appears effective in many chelonians. May repeat in several hours, but risk of oviduct rutpure if cloacoa is obstructed* or eggs cannot pass for other reasons.

Uterine contractions, status of cervix
Fetal monitoring

*take X-rays

Egg binding


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