Friday, November 24, 2017

3195. An 8-year-old Miniature Pinscher stepped into the roadside drain grate and fractured his leg

The dog was out for a walk and his right hind leg stepped into the road side grate. The maid pulled the leg out. The dog could not put down the right hind leg anymore, holding it at right angles above the floor. See video.

Palpation indicated intense pain in tarsal and metatarsal area with big swelling in the metatarsal area. The toe was painful too at D3.

"X-rays are needed to check for fractures," I advised and the owner consented to the X-ray.
Fracture of the tarsal-metatarsal area. Bandage and keep dog in a crate for 4-6 weeks with minimal exercise.   

The leg is splinted. Swelling in toes the next day. The splint is removed and the dog is confined to small space to let healing take place. Painkillers given. As at 5 days later, the dog is not in pain.

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