Tuesday, November 21, 2017

3194. An 8-month-old dwarf hamster has 2 ear warts and 2 skin tumours

The young lady owner consulted Vet 1 5 days ago, as her hamster had a small skin wound behind the right ear. Vet 1 applied anti-mite Revolution on the skin and prescribed solutions of anti-fungal, antibiotic and a cream. The skin wound grew redder and bigger and bled daily despite her treatment.

She surfed the internet and consulted Toa Payoh Vets for a solution.
"The 5-mm skin wound looked very much like a granulation lump," I said. The large ear wart behind the right ear and ear wax inside the ear canal would be irritating to he hamster. So she rubbed the skin behind the right ear. This has become hairless."

I examined the hamster's head are in more detail. Two ears had ear warts. The left ear has wart of 3 mm in the front area. The right ear had wart of 5 mm in the back of the ear.

"The cream you applied might have caused more scratching with the right hind paw," I said. 

Treatment was to excise the lump and stitch up the wound (see video). The two ear warts were also electro-excised and the skin stitched. Ears were irrigated to flush out the solid yellow wax. The hamster should feel better after this operation.


8 days post operation, stitches removed. No more itchiness.


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