Wednesday, August 23, 2017

3127. INTERN. Single pup syndrome - Expensive Dachshund puppy saved by Caesarean section


July 18, 2017   Elective Caesarean Section.  Judgment of breeder to save the pup as it is too large to be born naturally.

2064   Breeder worried. No strong uterine contractions. One large pup palpated. Single pup syndrome.   At Toa Payoh Vets now.

2065. Prepare for surgery.
2070  Cone mask. No IV sedatives like propofol. Just isoflurane and oxygen gas only. By cone mask first, then intubate with endotracheal tube and 2-2.5% isoflurane gas for maintenance.

2071. Intubated.
2072. Uterus taken out of the body.
2073. Stiching in 2 rows.  Illustrations shared with the Corgi pup C-section
2074. 2nd row completed.
2075. Dam awake fast. Washed. oxytocin, antibiotic and painkiller injections.
2076.   Footage of normal water bag with clear fluid inside. Placenta is not normal firm and turgid in size but "melting". The C-section was just in time.

2083. single pup alive.


FOLLOW UP 3 WEEKS LATER visit to breeder's farm

See footage in Corgi video in the other blog.



2750     Edit  00:00 - 1:26
Footage shows one of 3 Corgis thriving
Footage shows the single pup (Dachshund) thriving under the poodle. Its mother has not sufficient milk. 
The poodle is the surrogate mother of this single pup syndrome Dachshund and one Corgi. The other 2 corgis are nursed by the Corgi dam.

2773     2 Corgi pups
2772  Dachsund single pup syndrome 

LIFE AND DEATH depend on the judgment and knowledge of the breeder.

Some do wait for the pup to be born naturally. Generally, the single pup syndrome requires an elective Caesarean section as it is too big to be born naturally in small breed dogs. Death of the pup is expected if the breeder waits past 70 days. The suitable time to operate is 63 days when the pup is fully formed.  The general time of birth for dogs is 59-63 days.

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