Wednesday, August 23, 2017

3126. INTERN. Unusual case of one uterine horn filled with dead pups, one with normal pups

VIDEO shows an emergency Caesarean section for a 2-year-old Corgi.

The Corgi's uterus consists of 2 uterine horns. The left and right uterine horns.
(Image). Normally both uterine horns will be filled with healthy pups in clear water sacs.

In this unusual case,
The entire left uterine horn was filled with black fluid and 3 dead pups and melted placentas.
The entire right uterine horn was filled with normal pups in clear water sacs and placenta.


2011    Black vaginal discharge. Breeder phoned Toa Payoh Vets for an emergency Caesarean section.

2012 + 2013   Prepare for surgery. IV drip, isoflurane gas anaesthesia only. No sedatives like propofol IV.

*2014  Left uterine horn. Black fluid filled the inside of the uterus. All 4 pups dead, mummified with no placentas.


Right uterine horn

2016. Right uterine horn is ready for incision
2017, 2018    normal pups pulled out.

Illustration of stitching showing 2 rows
*2019. Uterine horn stitched up in 2 rows of inverting stitches.
  lst row is  parallel to the incision
*2020  lst row completed. Footage shows 2nd row started.
*2021  end of stitching of 2nd row

2022  End of surgery. Dam cleaned up. Oxytocin, antibiotic and painkiller injections will be given.

2023 + 2024   Healthy pups from right uterine horn.
 2029, 2034    Goes back to breeder farm



2750     Edit  00:00 - 1:26
Footage shows one of 3 Corgis thriving
Footage shows the single pup (Dachshund) thriving under the poodle. Its mother has not sufficient milk. 
The poodle is the surrogate mother of this single pup syndrome Dachshund and one Corgi. The other 2 corgis are nursed by the Corgi dam.

2773     2 Corgi pups
2772  Dachsund single pup syndrome 

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