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3124. INTERN ABEL. short videos to be subtitled and/or merged.

1. How kittens are vaccinated and microchipped at Toa Payoh Vets, Singapore
FRAME with this text. This BKTP veterinary educational video shows how to restrain and microchip kittens in Singapore. Gentle restraint during vaccination is important. Ensure microchip does not pop out during removal of the microchip holder by pressing your thumb and forefinger onto the injection site. 

Merge the video footage into one video.  Subtitles if needed.
File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3364, 3365, 3366 and 3367


2.  Swollen eyes and not eating are common medical reasons seeking veterinary treatment. This video shows a stunted red-eared slider which is compared to a normal one of around the same age. Weight and length and width of carapace are markedly different.

 File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3369

3.  Generalised ringworm treatment requires a 2nd review one month later.  
 File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home
MVI 3352

This video shows the importance of returning to Toa Payoh Vets for follow-up review in the case of generalised ringworm.
The owner had 3 visits to Vet 1 but the skin disease was not cured. She came to Toa Payoh Vets and was pleased that the he dog's thigh skin was less pigmented 4 weeks after treated. There were no scales. So she did not come for review despite receiving a reminder post card.

2 weeks ago, the dog started to itch and having dandruff.
Ultraviolet light and fungal culture are done. The dog is clipped bald and treated again.

Monthly reviews of the skin disease is necessary in many cases as generalised ringworm is hard to cure.

4.  15 rotten loose teeth as the Chihuaha never had dental check up for the past 10 years.  Foul breath.
Consulted Toa Payoh Vets as the dog had difficulty eating his food as if he has oral pain.
A right facial wound discharged pus but now has closed. A right carnassial tooth abscess had been present but the tooth had dropped off when checked during dental scaling (video subtitle this footage part).

 File     20170816Funeral....

Yearly dental check up saves teeth. No check up - 15 rotten teeth extracted in a 10-year-old chihuahua.

MVI 3339 video to be before MVI  3355....etc. It is consultation. Subtitle to be done. Then merge with below footages and also subtitles. 

For dogs over 5 years, yearly dental check is especially important to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. In this case, the 15 teeth extracted could have been saved if there was yearly dental check up.
Oral tumours may form in the mouth of dogs with chronic gum diseases due to lack of dental hygiene. .

File     20170817guinea_pig_goes_home

5.  Massive haematoma. A rare case of a massive haematoma in a guinea pig.

Why the owner consulted the vet for the 4th time?
What is it?  A tumour inside the neck muscle area. A large blood vessel ruptured, leading to bleeding for many days after the 3rd visit. The vet incised and drained (VIDEO INSTAGRAM).
How to cure the guinea pig. Surgical excision. If not cancerous, The owner did not want laboratory examination of the mass removed during the 2nd visit (IMAGE INSTAGRAM). So it is not known whether the tumour is cancerous. If cancerous, it has recurred. Owner agreed to sending the tumour to the lab for histology. Video shows only Day 1-Day 3 of the GP's medical condition. Lab results are pending.

Histology is very important but some owners decline the test.  

MVI  3355, 3356, 58, 59, 61  Day 3 footages
File     20170816Funeral
MVI 3350   try not to edit as you have no time. Just merge and subtitle.


6. Hair loss in the flanks of a spayed cat.

Cat came for annual vaccination. Complaint of balding left flank for past one year.  Right flank has slight hair loss.

Flank hair loss causes

1. Not due to old age. Causes include flea dermatitis, ear infections, skin infections and hormonal imbalance (endocrine alopecia) in spayed cats.

File: 20170816Funeral
MVI 3340


7. An industrial park dog "Black beard" had swollen left elbow and limb.

 Much loved by funeral parlour owner. Now lethargic
Elbow abscess incised and drained.
Lower pad ulcerated
Blood test - low red cell count, haemoglobin, platelets (take image of haematology) for inclusion.

No Babesia. (take image of test kit. ask judy) Had ticks some years ago and had recovered from tick


File: 20170816Funeral
MVI 3351 on day 1

get dog out and take picture on day 3  (Aug 18, 2017) and follow up on medical 

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