Tuesday, August 15, 2017

3123. INTERN ABEL- A rare case. A guinea pig has a massive haematoma


In 2016,  Vet 1 used a needle to aspirate the swelling.
But the swelling recurred.

In                     , Vet 2 operated and removed the mass inside the swelling. Owner given the evidence and he posted on the Instagram. The owner declined histology of the mass. So it was not known whether this was a cancerous mass.

In July 2017, Vet 2 incised the swelling to release blood. Instagram posting filtered to black and white as Instagram does not permit gore and blood.

In Aug 15, 2017, the owner consulted me as the swelling is now extensive. "The swelling returned 2 weeks after incision by Vet 2 in July 2017," the owner said.

Lot of blood under the skin shot out.

Zoletil 100. 0.05 ml Zoletil + 0.05 ml normal saline IM provided.effective analgesia. Top up with a few seconds of gas to effect.

Nearer to the neck, a mass of black spots embedded in the neck muscle. Excised lump. Stitch back the split muscle. Stitch skin.  To send for histology.


Day 2

Recurrence of haematoma in this guinea pig is probably due to a rupture of a big blood vessel in the mass excised. (Image from Abel's phone). There was a reddish-black mass seen (Image in Instagram phone to Abel) some ................months ago during surgery.

However the owner did not want histology of the mass in Feb 2017. So, it is not known if the mass contains cancerous cells. If it had cancerous cells, the mass will return. If it involves a big blood vessel, the vessel will rupture and keep bleeding over the past 2 weeks. This resuslted in a massive haematoma.

In this case, the mass had been sent for histology. If there is no more bleeding or growth, the guinea pig will lead a normal life.


File:  20170817guinea_pig_goes_home. 
MVI 3368 (summarises the case post-op, Day 2 going home).
Use this file

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