Saturday, February 18, 2017

3032. A 3-year-old heavily pregnant English Cocker Spaniel could not stand up for over 24 hours

Feb 8, 2017

The breeder said, "No hope for the dam. She collapsed over 24 hours since yesterday. So, I will wait till midnight to do a C-section."

It was 6.45 pm and I was driving to a dinner invitation as Lunar New Year has 15 days starting from Jan 27, 2017 which was the eve.

"No waiting," I ascertained the dam had copious amount of milk and was 58th day pregnant. No vets like to C-section a dead dam and by then the puppies may be dead too. The breeder might have other plans as later at the Surgery, I noted he had attempted glucose IV. He might want to wait and see and did not let me know. The other vet charges around $300 for a C-section and he would prefer the less expensive option. "Your c-section can permit me 3-4 dams to be C-section by the other vet," he used to let me know. Breeders, like large corporations can demand and do get lowest rates.

Some 10 years ago, I charged $300 per C-section at any time of day or holiday. I neglected my private patients and failed to build up Toa Payoh Vets. When another vet offered cheaper rates, I was out. This is a fact of business life.

I cancelled my dinner and I felt great joy in seeing 8 puppies and dam alive. The reason this breeder uses my service is that I had not given him any dead dam or puppies during C-section and so he has had confidence in me.

Use isoflurane gas only. Stabilise the dam with IV glucose and Hartmann's or even add calcium an hour or more before C-section for weaker dams.

4 days later, I visited the patient. She recovered her appetite after 2 days and is ravenous and active. Her 8 pups are nursed by 2 other dams. Her nipple sizes are large and so the older Spitz puppies would be nursed by her although they are old enough to be eating solid food. 

 The surrogate dams are younger and accept the pups.


The breeder's desired outcome was a living dam and all puppies alive and vigorous after C-section. He was most happy and satisfied. 


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