Saturday, February 18, 2017

3031. Sex hormone dermatosis?

Feb 18, 2017

"He bites the family members too," the couple said to me. This male, not neutered, 9-year-old Jack Russell X was treated by me some 6 months ago. Hair loss on both sides of the flanks (truncal alopecia, itchy armpits and paws and lots of scales.

"Not so much scales nowadays," the owners did not continue feeding the anti-allergic dry dog food. "We clip him bald and that is why the hairs do not grow back." The 2 images show the recent condition.

The armpits and paws were inflamed red. Hairs do not appear to grow on the body or were clipped bald. The owners did not come for a review one month later.

"You use some oil?" I asked.
"Yes, we use coconut oil."

I advised neutering. This dog is very aggressive and would bite anybody who stood near his lady owner, including her grandfather. Neutering could cool him down and might resolve the hairs loss problem if it was due to excessive testosterone levels.

The owners would think about it..

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