Thursday, January 19, 2017

A 4-year-old Guinea Pig loses weight

May 8, 2016  
2 guinea pigs
Admitted GP Male, Not neutered, 4 years. 740g. 38.6C
Very thin. Eating less for past 1 month.
Overgrown lower front teeth. Only recently.
Other guinea pig Pash eats more, bully him.

Lower front teeth trimmed.

Sep 2016, Nov 2016. Wanted front teeth clipped. No examination.

Jan 17, 2016 (today)
483 g   36.3C   Diarrhoea   Weak    In-patient
Upper & lower front teeth overgrown (video) - trimmed.
Molar spurs (L and R upper Cheek tooth 1) - image - trimmed.
No stools passed for past 2 days

Jan 20, 2016
380g   38C  one well-formed stool pellet passed. Goes home with
Critcal care - oral feeding.

Molar spurs need to be checked. Some owners may just want front teeth clipping to lower costs.
If not eating much after trimming, review with your vet for molar spurs before your pet loses more weight. 

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