Friday, January 20, 2017

3007. An 11-year-old male Samoyed had septicaemia.

Circum-anal tumour. Scheduled for surgery after 2 Tardak injections to bring down the size.
The Samoyed had haematuria and was rushed to an emergency vet surgery. X-ray taken.

Many Singaporeans find it cruel to neuter a male dog. In this case, chances of circum-anal tumour and prostatitis are unlikely in a neutered dog. This dog had very high fever for the 2 days. Vomited blood on the 3rd day and passed away despite treatment. Septicaemia is confirmed by blood test. Urine test showed bacterial prostatitis.  X-ray showed enlarged prostate or tumour.

In retrospect, neutering your male dog would have prevented this situation. 


Blood test  Jan 11, 2017
Haematuria. Went to emergency vet at 1 am
X-rayed. No bladder stone.
circum anal mass due for surgery 2 days later with TPV  
39.9C.   Abdom palp slightly uncomfortable
pantotrazole, omepazole, tramadole, metronizole, ampicillin, active cooling therapy

Came to Toa Payoh Vets at 9.30am
ALT 176  (less 59)
Total WCC  24.2  (6-17)
N  97.3% (60-70)
N Absolute 23.6   ((3-11.5)
Platelets 126  (200-500)


Urine test
pH 8, SG 1.010    Protein 4+    Blood 4+   Bacteria +    No crystals

Lower urinary tract infection

Negative Babesia, Caniv-4


High fever next 2 days. Urine blood sometimes. ---------Vomited blood. Passed away.

Dorsal circum-anal tumour 1.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm  on Dec 23, 2016. Tardak on Dec 23 and 31. Neuter &
removal on Jan 10, 2017.

Had haematuria on Jan 10 and passed away from septicaemia on Jan 13.

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