Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2984.Shell rot in a 19-year-old female red-eared slider

Dec 6, 2016

Internet provided the diagnosis of shell rot for the lady owner. Many treatments on the net but she had no success with betadine. Consulted me today.

This terrapin is well nourished. Lays around 20 eggs per year for the last 10 years. She lives alone on a plastic tank. Lately, the lower shell (plastron) has red streaks of blood indicating shell rot below. Painful as the terrapin would respond when the red streaks were touched.

Neck wound due to attempts to escape from plastic tank.
Ventral feet had wounds due to paddling to "lay eggs".


Dec 15, 2016 images from owner via email.

Hi Dr Sing

I brought my Terrapin M M to see you last Tue- shell rot and sore on underneath neck.

So glad to see that her neck sore cleared yesterday.  Right foot still has sore, suspect it is due to 'pre-egg laying kick'.

For plastron area, blood vessels are little less prominent at gular and humeral. Less pain reaction when I cleaned these areas for her. Need more time to clear up I guess.


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