Monday, December 5, 2016

2983. Dog photography - tips for success

Ref: Amateur photographer  20 Aug 2016

Was a freelance translator. Started

Since 2014, live solely on dog photography

Clients - advert agencies, pet food and accessory markets, mag and newspapers. Sell directly.

1. get familiar with the psecies. know behaviour and body language. be calm and relaxed. never hassle animal to get a shot. reward dog often and has fun.  eye level. show dog's tricks or character traits in the pic.

2. continuous AF mode. AF poit on one ey of dog.
3. min. shutter speed 1/100 sec for still dogs. 1/1000 sec for dogs in action.

4. Camera and lighting. Keep it simple. Fujifilm mirrorless gear over DSLRs.
    lighting equp v basic. Walimex Pro VE Excellence with 3 flash heads. Often use only one flash. Reflection of umbrella in eyes, so main flash has an umbrella. 2 other flashes have strip lights to provide for a rim light on the fur.

Cameras, Fujiflilm X-T1 and X-Pro2. compact light weight, high quality.
Quirkly dog portratis , Fujinon 18mm lens - wideangle effect gives a bit of distortion but it is not a fisheye lens. More elegant portraits  Fujinon 90mm.

Images very sharp. Stick with aperture around f/9 in the studio but wider aperture outdoors.  Continuous focusing even for portraits and focus point on one eye.

Background  dark-grey cardboard but white backgrounds sell pictures better.

Processing, plug-ins like Nik or Macphun rather than heavy Photoshop comping.


Profesional dog photographer   Andy Biggar

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