Thursday, October 6, 2016

2938. A dwarf hamster has right neck swelling and left eye conjunctivitis

Oct 6, 2016   7.15 pm
Dwarf hamster, F, 1 yr

The son surfed the net and recommended Toa Payoh Vets for its proximity to lower Thomson Road.

An itchy swollen right neck area and itchy closed left eye. She was hyperactive and climbed up the cage.
She had been separated from sibling who used to bite her backside and she would just turn over to submit, but no chance of biting in past few days.

"The swelling could be an abscess or tumour," I said.
"Could the swelling be caused by piercing of a seed?" the father asked.
"Yes, if a sharp piece had penetrated into the lower neck. We need anaesthesia to examine. I will give 2 days of anti-inflammatory and if the swelling disappears or softens to an abscess that can be lanced. "
"If it is a tumor," the father said. "No operation as his immune system is poor and he may develop another tumour. So, no point operating to remove the tumour."  He had a long discussion with his son in their native language. The son was not keen on euthanasia.

I hope it is an abscess.

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