Thursday, October 6, 2016

2937. What happens to urine marking 10 days after my removal of 2 abdominal testes in the poodle?

Oct 6, 2016   6.45 pm

Toy poodle, Male, born 28 Jan 2016 in William Goh's kennel. Referred by William Goh to me for neuter on Sep 26, 2016 as the owner wanted an experienced vet in a practice that does not have different vets during consultations. The 8-month-old dog started urine marking for the past 10-14 days and the owner decided on neutering. The fabric sofa was urine-marked and the owner did not want the habit to persist.  

Video: Operated. Paramedian caudal abdominal incision. 2 testes hooked out by spay hook.

Today, Oct 6, 2016, I sought feedback from owner
as to the post-op complications, if any, of bilateral abdominal cryptorchidism surgery which is rarely done.

Sep 26, 2016 neutered. I had given methone at 0.25mg/kg SC and tolfedine tablets as painkillers.

The methone painkiller is very effective in this case as:
1. Dog ate food the same night.
2. No self-inflicted skin bruises around operation area. Even with e-collar, some dogs
traumatize the op area using back paws to scratch to relieve pain.
3. Urine marking. Dog confined to a playpen with grate + pee tray. He was well behaved in elimination.
    Yesterday, he was let out and CCTV showed he urine marked the floor near the sofa. Neat vinegar + a fabric deodorizer solution with fragrance had been applied to the fabric of the soiled sofa area. Yet this dog still urine-marked.
"He still has residual testosterone hormone inside his blood," I had advised her earlier that neutering will not immediately halt urine marking.
"How long will the hormone be there?" the lady asked.
"Around 2 months," I estimated and advised confinement to the play pen area for a month.

4. "The knots of the stitches are still there," the owner said.
    "They are the thread-type, not the nylon type, and will dissolve in around 21-30 days," I said. "None of my neutered dog cases ever came back for stitch removal. I asked her to WhatsApp 3 pictures of the op area. She would do tomorrow.

In my over 40 years of practice, I have not encountered a dog with two abdominal testes inside. There are cases of one inside the abdomen. It is great that this dog had no post-op complications.

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