Tuesday, September 20, 2016

2929. A 7-year-old female pug is ataxic after 2 days at the boarding kennel

Sep 16, 2016

"Walks like a drunken person," I palpated the pug's hips which elicited painful cries.
The pug had been clipped bald and  was in a boarding kennel for the last 2 days. Now she has lost appetite, was thirsty and had diarrhea.

"Yes, yes," the man said. "She walks like me when I am drunk, swaying from side to side!"

"It is possible that the boarding kennel had used a strong body wash after clipping the coat. The pug could have drank some of the chemicals or she had suffered some hip injuries as the hips are very painful."

The owner did not want a blood tests. X-rays of hips were normal. I gave an IV drip. The pug went home and was OK the next day.

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