Monday, September 19, 2016

2928. FUS - Pollakiuria in a 6-year-old male neutered cat

Sep 13, 2016

"My cat keeps going to and fro the litter box, meowing painfully," the owner said.
"Your cat has pollakiuria which is an abnormal frequent urination.," I palpated a small bladder, hence no urethral obstruction. "How many cats are there in the apartment?"
"One cat only," the owner said.

"Did you change the dry cat food?" I asked.

"No, but I gave him more cat treats recently," the owner showed me a packet of Friskies Party Mix cat treats given for the past 1 month.

"Did you change the litter often?" I asked. The owner had not changed the litter for around 7 days or more and had not picked up the stools. It is possible that the cat was stressed and this could cause FUS (Feline Urological Syndrome).

X-rays showed no urinary stones. Blood and urine test was not done to lower medical costs.

3 days later, I phoned. The cat is back to normal and the litter is changed regularly and often. Early vet consultation and treatment enabled the cat to recover the next day.


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