Saturday, August 20, 2016

2916. Review of 2-year-old pug with urticaria

August 21, 2016

The 10-kg pug started to itch again. Pustules and red skin between the thigh and belly area (video).
Rashes in armpits. Several rashes at left and right sides of the body. Ears no longer inflamed and painful as the owner had used a steroidal ear ointment but the hair loss and shorter hairs of the flanks tell a story of ear itchiness.

"The hind legs start to hammer at the flanks when the dog has ear pain or itchiness," I told the young couple as this hair loss area is commonly seen in other dogs with ear canal infections. (video).

"The 4 paws are also itchy now," the lady said after the end of medication with the white tablets. These were anti-fungal tablets. In reality, the pug was itchy despite the Royal Canine Hypoallergic diet soley fed..

The allergy test report from the US had arrived 1 week ago. said that the dog is allergic to chicken, corn, oatmeal, malassezia but not allergic to beef, pork, turkey, carrots , milk, eggs or two dust mites.

1. Home-cooked pork + brown rice + carrots
2.  E-collar 14 days 24 hours per day
3. Amitraz wash for the rashes
4. Review in one months
5. Medication for rashes
6. Ear ointment once a week and massage

1. Anal sac expression weekly before bathing (grey oil seen/expressed today)
2.Lateral ear canal resecetion and tail fold surgery advised in 6 months.
3. No treats and other food for next 3 months except the above-mentioned diet of pork + brown rick and carrots. 

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