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2915. Throat X rays of the dog and cat - A 14-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has a large neck abscess

Aug 19, 2016

It is very important that old dogs get their dental work done and all rotten smelly loose teeth extracted. In this dog, in March 2014, I was consulted about a big lump on the dorsal part of the tail end. "It is a sebaceious gland tumour," I said. Surgery removed the tumour and no more visit from the dog.

Today, the old dog came in gasping for breath and crying. Panting a lot. "The dog cannot stand for the past 2 days. Not eating. He has a large swelling under the chin, also diarrhoea," the mum said. The daughter was working and so she brought the dog down.

A soft firm swelling across the neck below the chin. Around 3 inches x 4 inches x 3 inches. I got an X-ray done as I suspected an abscess. Lanced and reddish-brown pus flowed out. Around 100 ml collected.

No anaesthesia is given as the dog's tongue turned deep purple when restrained for examination. The dog had great difficulty breathing. Rotten teeth spread bacteria into the heart valves.

Glucose 2.6  (3.9 - 6.0). Dog was not able to stand up.

Liver enzymes   ALT/SGPT    117  (less than 59)<59 p="">
                           AST/SGOT    133 (<81 br=""> less than 81)                   
Urea                   15.3 (4.2-6.3) but creatinine is within normal range. Kidneys are normal in this case.
Total white cell count  39.8  (6-17)
Neutrophils  90%  (60-70%), Absolute 35.8  (3-11.5%)
Lymphocytes 10%  Absolute 3.98
Monocytes, eosinophils and basophils are zero.
Platelets 431 (200-500)

<59 p="">
<59 p="">
What the owner wants is a dog alive. Therefore, the diagnosis must be correct and X-rays are needed to provide the evidence of neck abscess. Aspiration of the neck swelling confirms pus. Incision of 2 cm drains out most pus. The next day, syringing the abscess and removal of the gelatinous pus which is formed due to the medication of baytril and a low dose of dexamethasone. 
<59 p="">
<59 p="">As you can see the video, the dog is much comfortable on Day 2 after treatment and no longer pants in great pain.  The outcome is good and the dog will go home on Day 3, after another IV drip today.<59 p="">Teeth scaling and check up every year for a senior dog would have had prevented such a condition of neck abscess and great pain in the neck. Owners need to spare some time to bring dogs older than 5 years old for yearly dental check up and vaccination.  However, a majority do not do it.
<59 p="">

<59 p="">

<59 p="">

<59 p="">


looking for bone inside the throat

normal throat and neck

normal throat and neck.  Normal oropharynx (No. 4)  is not swollen


the cat has normal nasopharynx (throat)

cat has normal nasopharynx (throat)

Submandibular Abscess causing great breathing difficulty. This 14-year-old Maltipoo had pus in the right ear for many weeks.The bacteria inside this area finally penetrated into the right neck area, forming a very painful right submandibular abscess. See lateral view of X-ray as evidence. The dog's abscess was lanced and drained under general anaesthesia. The dog is normal now. This is a case where ear canal infections can lead to right neck abscess. The owner had consulted a vet earlier for the ear infections but had not followed up when the infections had not gone away. The bacteria went into the neck via the eustachian tube and multipied, form a gigantic abscess.

Dec 9, 2014

Total white cell count 68.5 (6-17)
 N 98%  (60-70%)       N absolute 67.13  (3-11.5)
L  1.6%    L Absolute 1.10
M 0.1%  Absolute 0.07
E  0.3%   Absolute 0.21
B  0%

Platelets  142  (200-500). 
Several abnormal lecuocytes seen. Occasional nucleated red blood cells seen. Large platelets present. 

HISTOLOGY report from 2 biopsy punches on side of submandibular swelling.
No malignancy



heart disease (swelling in throat due to fluid from heart disease)


GR with premolar 4 abscess



special type of equipment is needed if you want to x-ray a terrapin's throat

do not copy this image into video
normal throat (no neck abscess) with a pellet inside the gullet. For illustration.

<59 p="">
<59 p="">-------------------------------------------------------------------

In dogs, an ear abscess is not obvious. But in a terrapin you can see a swelling of the ear to know that he has an ear abscess. Treatment is similar. Incise and drain the pus.  
<59 p="">
<59 p="">

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