Thursday, August 4, 2016

2903. INTERN RI. When to do an emergency canine Caesarean section? A 64th-day pregnant poodle has dystocia

A 64th-day pregnant poodle had dystocia. "The rectal temperature was 36 degrees in the morning," the Myanmar assistant of the breeder said to me." He has remembered my teaching to monitor the rectal temperature. Once the temperature drops below 38 deg C and will then go up again, the birth is imminent. 

The contractions started at 10.30 pm but no pups seen. Breeder decided to phone me at 12 midnight for an emergency Caesarean secrrion. One pup was born outside the Surgery before I arrived. Two pups were delivered by C-section. One of the two was still born. The placenta had melted to a thcik viscous greyish green material.  Any delay would mean decomposition of the dead pups and a foul stench. There was no foul smell in this case and so the .

The 2 pups in this image are the live pups. .

The dam has no milk for the next 2 days post op. The pups were nursed by another dam. After 2 days, their mother had milk production and now the pups are OK.

Dr Sing Kong Yuen's guidelines from his Scottish professors for the gestation period of the dog is 59 - 63 days.


CASE 1. 58th day pregnant. Too many puppies. elective C-section saves the pups

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