Wednesday, August 3, 2016

2902. A 15-year-old Golden Retriever from Pasir Ris vomited for 6 days and had a thick discharge for 4 days

Jan 14, 2014

13-year-old female, 24 kg Golden Retriever, not spayed, never pregnant vomited daily for 6 days. Past 4 days, passed out a thick reddish brown vaginal discharge daily.

"Loss of appetite, drank and peed a lot," the owner confirmed that her heat was 2 months ago.
"Your dog I palpated 4 cm across swollen uterine tubes suggestive of a womb infection called open pyometra."

The dog was operated and was OK.

Since the owner lived in Pasir Ris which is distant from Toa Payoh and there are several nearby clinics, I don't expect to hear from her again

On Jun 14, 2016,  her French bulldog, 8 years, female, spayed had a mast cell tumour, high grade, Grad 2, of a 50-cent coin size excised by another vet 6 months ago. Chemotherapy was not acceptable and now several lymph nodes were enlarged. Blood test 3 days ago showed an increased reticulocytes, white cells, neutreophils, monocytes and decreased platelets, ALKP. The owner wanted a second opinion. The prognosis was very poor and euthanasia was performed.

"Do you remember the Golden Retriever you did operation for pyometra?" the owner asked. I referred to my case sheet. "She is well but can still go to the toilet. She had blood in the urine."

I was happy that the Golden Retriever has survived to 15 years of age now. I prescribed pain medication for suspected hip arthritis (4 days on, 4 days off) and medication for urinary tract infection after a urine test. The owner got a urine sample. It was amber and slightly turbid urine.

Test showed pH 9, SG 1.045, protein 4+, blood +, ketones +, triple phospate crystals occasional, bacterial 3+ with red and white cells present in large numbers.  "The dog may have bladder and kidney stones," I said and did not advise X-rays since the dog was not present and to save money. "Since she is so old, I advised the Hills C/D diet to dissolve the crystals and we will wait for 2 weeks. If no more blood in the urine, then continue C/D for life." 

August 3, 2016. The owner texted to order the C/D and the pain killers for the Golden Retriever. So, the outcome was satisfactory as there was no longer blood in the urine. I am happy for the dog. She survived a major pyometra surgery and is now living a normal quality of life. The owner will submit another urine sample for testing and this should be right thing to do. A blood test will be better to check on the liver and kidneys but it may not be possible. 

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