Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A young guinea pig cries "for attention" for the past 7 days and had difficulty walking (bladder stone)

July 5, 2016

Around 2 weeks, drinks around 250 ml water per day compared to over 500 ml per day earlier.
New hay brand (Orchard Hay small pet select) fed since 2 weeks ago as the usual brand was out of stock.

Vegetables stopped 1 week ago. Carrots, wheat grass, coriander
Cries for attention for past 1 week ago

Stools look normal in shape and size, around the same amount
Urine brownish. Normal colour was yellow.

The other 3 guinea pigs are OK.

Bladder stone caused pain in the bladder and difficulty in walking in the past 2 days. The guinea pig stops eating. Stools appear to be stuck inside the large intestines. 

Pain killers and antibiotics. Fibreplex to move the bowels. Surgery to remove the bladder stone is not advised presently.

Difficulty in walking is a sign of bladder stone in some dogs and in this case, the guinea pig.

Abdominal swelling is due to impaction of the colon and not to gas, fortunately, unlike my other guinea pig case. A change of hay brand must be made gradually but in this case, the pet shop ran out of stock of the old brand.  The other 3 guinea pigs appear OK with the change to Orchard Hay.  

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