Thursday, July 21, 2016

2980. The cat had a tibial fracture 9 months ago and now walks almost normally after pinning at Toa Payoh Vets

July 21, 2016
The woman in her 50s feed 24 stray cats every evening all by herself.

"Cat food prices keep going up," she spent around $700 per month to feed 24 cats.

She brought this cat to me for fixing the fractured leg hind leg 9 months ago, being referred by her vet in Tampines.

An intramedullary pin was put in and the two bone pieces were aligned. I told her to return 6 weeks later to get the pin removed from the left hind leg. She did not come.

On Jul 2016, it was 9 months later. She phoned me as to whether the pin ought to be removed now and to bring the cat to see me.

She texted and sent the above-mentioned video:

"Princess had a left tibial fracture of distal 1/3 in the left hind leg 9 months ago fixed by you. The left hind leg sticks out when she is in the sitting position. Stilted gait.  Does Princess need to take out d pins? She can jump n run (a little award). U can tell her gait is not normal unlike other cats. Don't think she is suffering."

Being over 50s, she had never WhatsApp videos. To save her time and money as she is stressed out with cat feeding after work, I asked her to WhatsApp the above video. The cat looks OK and is normal in daily life.

So, I replied: Wait till there is a problem like lameness or loss of appetite. Take care of your health."

She texted: "OK".

Feeding 24 cats every night till midnight without fail and cleaning the area is a considerable task for this working woman. Dry cat food prices and the cost of living has shot up again.

Nobody wanted to help her. She had a young lady who helped out a bit but now she has shifted house far away.

If she had a younger dedicated person to help her set up a blog to update and showcase her good work and provide proper accounting, I am sure she can get some of the monthly  $700 in donations for the cat food from cat lovers.

For my part, I provided a listening year and this message:

Any kind soul willing to help her take care of the 24 stray cats or financially support part of the cat food purchase, please tel +65 9760 8313, Mdm Chua. 

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