Tuesday, July 12, 2016

2974. Women who are afraid of dogs

July 13, 2016
Yesterday, I was interviewed for a "success story" to inspire young generation who wants to be vets. How do you define "success"? Lots of money and big chain of vet clinics? I was surprised to talk to a lady interviewer who could not be present within 1 metre of any dog, big or small. This dog worrier was chased by big dogs when she was 3 years old. Now her husband loves dogs but cannot keep one forever.

Later in the evening, I met a Junior College lady who was in similar position at my daughter-in-law's birthday dinner yesterday. She tried to avoid my son's dog who went near her to get some food. So I sent the dog away behind closed doors of the kitchen. Poor Gatsby.

Two days ago, another of my client had to send the son's dog sent away or put to sleep as his wife did not like dogs. They were downgrading to a smaller flat. Fortunately, the maid who had to find a new employer loved this oldie and the new employer did not mind having the dog. When the dog was sick, the ex-employer spared no expenses to get her operated and she is well today.

What a coincidence to get 3 true dog stories in a short time.

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