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2973. Toa Payoh Vets' Tips: How your old dog or cat can live longer lives?

Most pet owners in Singapore live hectic lives. After an intense care for their puppies/kittens, the senior pets are just left alone. It is usually too late for many pets  when they are sent to the veterinarian for some chronic disease problems. Veterinary costs become high as the pet is in poor health.

Age of Senior dogs:
Small and Medium-sized breeds: Over 7 years
Large and Giant-sized breeds: Over 5 years.

For those who may want their senior dogs to live longer, here are the following recommendations:

1. Veterinary examination and vaccination every 12 months.
2. Blood tests to check for diabetes,liver and kidney diseases.
3. Urine tests to check on bladder and kidney infections and presence of stones.
4. X-rays if necessary for arthritic hip joints/urinary stones/abdominal tumours.
5. Ultrasounds for chest/abdominal tumours
5. Dental check up and scaling every 1 year.
6. Heart check for murmurs and heart diseases.
7. Vaccination booster every year.
8. A veterinary discussion about the delay in senility, obesity, behavioural problems, skin problems and any questions related to each individual dog.

Early spay or neuter at less than one year old prevents many of the diseases associated with the reproductive hormones. For example:

1. Pyometra of female dogs, not spayed
2. Breast tumours of female dogs, not spayed
3. Testicular tumours
4. Perineal hernias of male dogs, not neutered
5. Circum-anal tumours of male dogs, not neutered

Yearly dental scaling prevents
1. Gum diseases
2. Carnassial tooth abscess
3. Bad breath due to rotten loose teeth

Many case reports and videos are at

The average life-span of a dog in Singapore is 12 years. Oldest ones live up to 20 years. However, many die before they are 12 years of age due to bad health and senility and other preventable causes such as bacterial infection of the heart valves due to severe gum diseases, pyometra, kidney diseases, diabetes and breast tumours.

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