Monday, June 13, 2016

2955. A 15-year-old female Westie vomits many times in past 3 days

One year can make a great difference to the dog's health
as in this case

Jun 3, 2015
Not eating, vomited 2X in past 3 days
Heat 2 weeks ago. Milk present in mammary tissues.
Now pee many times as if urinary incontinent, pollakiuria and dysutria.

No abdominal or bladder pain.
Cystitis +/- pyometra. Advised spay 4 weeks later.


Jun 12, 2016
Not eating, vomited many times in the past 3 days
Heat 2 months ago. 

Lower abdominal and bladder pain.
Cystitis. No pyometra as white cells not elevated.
strong uraemic breath smell
lethargic. IV drips. Urea is very high and creatinine overshot the high range.


Affer IV drip 2 bottles and medication, no more foul uraemic breath. But not eatring. Looks brighter.  Went home to do dialysis at home.

Kidney failure due to old age likely. Or chronic cystitis. No regular checkup after Jun 2015 successful treatment. Urea and creatinine levels were normal one year ago. But urine was showing protein 2+, blood 4+, white blood cells over 900, bacteria 2+ one eyar ago. Urine pH 7.0, SG 1.007. Also no crystals at that time. So there was cystitis one year ago.

Would this female dog have better chance of survival if spayed at younger age as open pyometra with bacteria going to bladder and kidneys in the past year is possibly a cause of kidney failure.

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