Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2935. A 6-year-old Shih Tzu panted continuously after swallowing a large chicken treat

Feb 23, 2016

History is very important in the diagnosis of this case. To the observer, this Shih Tzu panted furiously, pulse pressure shot up, tongue became cyanotic and rectal temperature became very high.

"A heart failure," the X-ray assistant observed the cyanotic tongue and palpated the high pulse pressure. "Check the heart!"

The history was that this morning at 10 am, the Shih Tzu that loves to swallow any object, took in a large piece of dog treat made of chicken. The domestic worker said he had swallowed a bone, the length of a man's forefinger. So, the dog started to gag and panted furiously as you can hear from the video. The wife was most concerned and so the husband phoned me and another vet for a quotation

"I will check the mouth and if there is a bone, I will see whether I can pull it out." I said. Later the husband texted me to say that the dog had swallowed a large dog treat made from chicken.

X-rays showed some pieces of dog treat inside the pharynx but no chicken bone. So the domestic worker had given the incorrect info.

What to do now? The dog kept panting and panting, becoming feverish.

I gave an IV drip, with painkiller spasmogesic 1.2 ml IV and baytril 0.7 ml IV. After one hour, the dog relaxed and no longer panted furiously. He was back to almost normal and coughed a bit. So he went home.

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