Sunday, February 14, 2016

2934. Better to put the hamster to sleep since pus flowed from the right eye?

Feb 14, 2016
The last case in this dark clouded sky evening at 4.15 pm was a hamster with both eyelids glued tightly. Liquid pus oozed out from the right eye, as if a dam had ruptured. The young man saw it and asked whether it is better to euthanize this hamster.

"I need to examine the eyes first," I told him that the left eye was still open partly. Examination of the right eye showed sticky pus which I removed with a wet cotton bud. The eyeballs were intact. "How long had the hamster not been eating?" I asked. "The lower front teeth have overgrown. I will clip them shorter"

"Don't know," the man said.        
The hamster is an in-patient on this Valentine's Day. Will see how she goes.

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